Artist: Jose “Pepe” Navarro

Jose “Pepe” Navarro utilizes strong and lively acrylic colors to create his art and his “pop-contemporary” style.  Jose “Pepe” Navarro is influenced by his life experiences reaching a balance between hardships and pleasures.  Since 1981, he has not returned to his native land of Chile in South America but found a place to call home while living in Belgium and then the United States.  For over twenty years, Jose has made the United States of America his home and considers that he has indeed achieved the American Dream.  A dream not measured by materialistic achievements but instead by personal trimphs that enrich the spirit.  Jose is an advocate for social justice and equality and actively expresses his vision of “opportunity for all” within local and national political forums.

He has been expressing his views through art for more than twenty-five years.  His works have attracted numerous art collectors from New York, Brussels, Santiago, and Miami.  Collectors are drawn to his work primarily for his original and provocative style.  Jose “Pepe” has exposed his art both solo and in the company of numerous well-known artists.  All paintings are part of an exclusive collection protected against duplication and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. is the online gallery of the future where everyone can experience and appreciate art culture.  It promises to integrate the values of life and the detail of nature.
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