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 At Miamiartpop.com© we are proud to show you the latest artwork by artist Jose"Pepe"Navarro. His artwork reflects countless hours of dedication and attention to even the most miniscule detail and offers a combination of colors that will be sure to delight you. Each painting is an original that highlights aspects of life, nature and Pop Contemporary Art. Jose’s paintings are shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity and with a code to safeguard against duplication. All paintings are packed and shipped with absolute care to protect the integrity of the piece and avoid damage. 

 Donations and Charities


The original paintings and prints of Jose “Pepe” Navarro are donated exclusively to benefit non-profit organizations. Any item we provide must be sold through silent auction. The opening bid will not be lower than 50% of the listed retail value. If the item is not sold, we require that it be returned to Miamiartpop.Com the next business day. If the item is priced at more than one hundred dollars, we must also receive the name and address of the buyer.

Please feel free to contact the Artist Jose “Pepe” Navarro via email so that we may determine the appropriate
donation item for your event.

Miamiartpop.Com donates to Charities annually. There may be times when Miamiartpop.Com is unable to fulfill your request based on monthly budgets and allowances. Due to high volume of donation requests, inquiries must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the event for our review.

In your e-mail request please include the name of the organization, contact name, phone number, and address. Also include the mission and purpose of the non-profit, the Tax ID#, website, the event title and date, location and the date in which the item will be picked up. Please let us know if we have collaborated before with your organization.
Thank you for contacting Miamiartpop.Com©.
Artist Jose "Pepe" Navarro


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